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Top 10 SaaS Affiliate Programs in 2024

Discover the best SaaS affiliate programs in 2024, offering lucrative opportunities for influencers and marketers. Explore our curated list of the top 10 programs to maximize your earnings and engage with high-quality software tools.


Access thousands of icons in Svelte and SvelteKit | 2024 Edition

Explore the efficient integration of unplugin-icons and Iconify in Svelte and SvelteKit projects. This guide covers the setup process, benefits in reducing bundle size, and a key consideration about the node_modules folder. Ideal for developers looking to streamline icon management in SvelteKit.


Customise font in TailwindCSS with SvelteKit

This blog post shows you how to customise the font in TailwindCSS with SvelteKit. We leverage fontsource to import the font and then use it in our TailwindCSS configuration. Compatible with SvelteKit 2.0