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Top Shopify Apps

Why you should build on the Shopify platform

Building on platforms is always a double-edged sword. On one hand, you get access to a large user base and a lot of potential customers. On the other hand, you are at the mercy of the platform and its rules. When we built Spur on Shopify, it took us a good amount of time to understand the rules and get the app approved, but once we did, we were able to get a lot of customers.

Shopify is the fastest growing platform

Shopify has a market cap or net worth of $94.65 billion as of March 6, 2024. Across the globe Shopify powers over 4.4 million ecommerce stores and growth continues year-on-year.

Shopify alone cannot fulfill all the needs of ecommerce stores. This is where you come in. You can build apps that can help Shopify store owners to save time, boost their ROI and increase their sales.

Good amount of success stories

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There are ample of success stories of Shopify app developers who’ve made it big. One of the biggest examples is Klaviyo , which is a marketing automation platform that helps Shopify store owners to grow their business. Klaviyo is now a six-billion-dollar company.

Some other examples are:

  1. Widebundle: A Shopify app that helps store owners to create product bundles.
    1. Bootstraped in 2019
  2. ReConvert: A Shopify app that helps store owners to create product bundles.
    1. Bootstraped in 2018
  3. MonkCommerce: A unified upsell + gift app that can work across the entire buying journey
    1. Bootstraped in 2021
  4. Gorgias: A helpdesk for Shopify stores
    1. Started in 2015, Recently raised $30M
  5. Bold Commerce: A suite of apps that help Shopify store owners to grow their business
    1. Started in 2012
  6. Checkout Blocks: Helping hundreds of Shopify Plus brands customize checkout & increase revenue
    1. Bootstraped in 2022

What other platforms are there?

Here are some other platforms that you can build on:

  1. BigCommerce
    1. 1,300 apps
    2. Build bigcommerce apps
  2. WooCommerce
    1. 431 apps
  3. Magento
    1. 5731 apps
    2. Build magento apps
  4. Stripe
    1. 100+ apps
    2. Build stripe apps
  5. Slack
    1. 2600 apps
    2. Guide on how to build on Slack
  6. Zapier
    1. 3000+ apps
    2. Guide
  7. ChatGPT
    1. 159,000 public GPTs
    2. Revenue model is not concrete yet and the high number is due to the extremely low barrier of building a GPT
  8. Webflow
    1. 100+ apps
    2. Guide on marketing your webflow app
  9. Intercom
    1. 100+ apps
    2. Guide on how ot partner with Intercom

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