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The SvelteKit(frontend) + NestJs(backend) boilerplate to build your next SaaS, Web App, GPT Actions or AI Tools and
become profitable!

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  • Subscriptions & Checkout
  • Webhooks
Svelte Kit Svelte Kit
  • Rapid frontend development
Tailwind Tailwind
  • Animations
  • Components
Nestjs Nestjs
  • Dedicated backend for complex logic
Postgres Postgres
  • Prisma ORM
  • Write content at scale
  • Headless CMS | Generous Free Tier
  • Avoid Spam
  • DNS Setup
User Auth User Auth
  • OAuth2.0 (Both Server & Client)
  • GPT Auth
  • SEO Optimised
  • Automatic Sitemap.xml generation

Here's what makers have to say:

Hopefully im getting close to wrapping my head around this! Thanks for your help. I’m actually very impressed with your character. Solid stuff. Thanks!

Thomas Nudell
~ Gmail

It has been helping me to allocate and direct my resources on other critical chores - a true leap forward in productivity for my product. Being a developer myself, I can absolutely vouch for the top notch process and value of the boilerplate !

Akash Sharma
~ Product Hunt

ROI Calculator

12 hrs to set up OAuth

+2 hrs to connect frontend + backend auth

+ +4 hrs to setup backend with automatic OpenAPI generation

+ +4 hrs to setup SEO optimised blog with automatic sitemap generation generation

+ 2 hrs implementing component & icon & font libraries

+ 2 hrs setting up database & ORM

+ 2 hrs containerizing & deploying to production

= 28+ hours of laborious work

Your hourly rate $19

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Your save $333 with an ROI of 167.337%

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Hey, it's Rohan & Royal 👋

We've failed more than failure, never gave up, and now we're scaling like crazy 🏎️

In the last 3 years, we've built 4 startups and finally Spur was the one which finally made money.

Spur launched on Sep 22 with the aim of making ecommerce communication magical. In 1.2 years we scaled it to 400+ brands with a total of $50 million in revenue generated for them. Our strategy? Ship like crazy, in 1.5 years we shipped 100+ features and 1000+ bug fixes.

Our secret sauce to this speed was our boilerplate which we developed & constantly iterated for the last 3 years. It's slightly unconventional with Svelte instead of React (much lesser learning curve if you're new to frontend) for frontend, and a dedicated backend instead of using SvelteKit itself as the backend. (There are many advantages of a dedicated backend)

You can follow mine and Royal's journey on X.


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API Docs

Automatically generated API docs with a live playground. Add `-yaml` or `-json` to the URL to get the raw OpenAPI spec

Launchnow GPT

Custom launchnow GPT, try sending a prompt and experience the login flow. Search it on the ChatGPT store by typing "launchnow"


Username & Password login powered by JWTs stored in cookies following best practices

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What’s included

  • OAuth Server
  • Svelte Kit Boilerplate
  • Nestjs Boilerplate
  • Dedicated Backend
  • Discord community
  • UI Kit
  • Deployment scripts
  • Lifetime updates!

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